Lea Song
Head of Business Development & Marketing
855 (0)87 203 170



Lea is our globe-trotting Franco-Khmer, nearly trilingual, head of Business Development & Marketing. She is an adaptable team leader who uses her worldly experience to be a professional and sociable asset to the Confluences Team.

Even though Lea claims to lack some self-confidence, her degree in a Masters of Communication and adventurous spirit (15 countries across 4 continents) speaks volumes of her determination and open-mindedness.

Lea has a fantastic eclectic taste in music, spanning from rock, punk rock, classical, French hits and hip-hop (her Spotify playlist is enviable). She also enjoys exploring her roots as a French Cambodian which also spills over to her culinary preferences and cooking skills!

Lea loved to get stuck into things and her eagerness to succeed means she admittedly lacks patience at times, but where there is a will, there is a way - and she overcomes obstacles to deliver fantastic results!

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