Borarangsey Korm
Market Analyst Associate
+855 (0) 10 544 688



Borarangsey Korm is a young professional who has already worked at one of the ‘Big Four’ consulting firms and she will be expanding her professional development with us as a Market Access Analyst.

Our latest Cambodian joinee has already earned her Bachelor in English for Professional Communication & is a Certified Accounting Technician - she is empowered to complete research across different key and exciting sectors in Cambodia with us. One of her goals is to continue gaining confidence working and communicating with clients and we look forward to helping her achieve that!

 When not crunching the data, she can be found indulging in contemporary pop culture and sci-fi but she also has a strong affinity to RnB KPOP and KDRAMA!

Luckily, Borarangsey has an eclectic palate which is perfect for Confluences and she has a particular fondness for Korean, Chinese and several types of Western cuisine.

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