Why us

About us

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Our Philosophy

We believe Cambodia is the Hidden Gem of Southeast Asia that offers genuine limitless local and regional business potential.​

At Confluences, our vision is to be the Catalyst of Cambodian and ASEAN opportunities for all companies and investors seeking to boost their development in Southeast Asia.  ​

We view our role as an agile Khmer based partner, advising and supporting our clients’ investments (even co-venturing) in Cambodia and in the region.
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Our Values

family oriented
human focused
client centered
results driven
responsible growth inspired
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About us

At Confluences, we have been driving companies and investors’ expansion across Cambodia and ASEAN since 2015.

Inspired by our own entrepreneurial background, our client partnership approach allows our clients to seamlessly accelerate their geographical footprint through a suite of cost efficient solutions organized across 4 service lines :  Access | Operations | Trading | Ventures.​

In addition, we also strive to build everyday our Confluences community - bringing the best of both Khmer and international worlds together as a family, where our teams and clients can share their interests for responsible growth with passion and authenticity.
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Why Confluences

  • Presence and network in the Cambodian ecosystem
  • Multi-cultural Local and International teams​
  • An agile local partner
  • Partnership model​
  • Entrepreneur mindset & go-getter philosophy
  • Cost efficiency

Advocacy & Engagement

Confluences is a member of and advocate within several important networks and organisations in Cambodia and overseas engaged in a number of initiatives that promote business innovation and development, corporate social responsibility, and greater opportunities for learning and networking.

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