Christopher Varin
Siem Reap Branch Manager
+855 (0) 17 894 340


Christopher VARIN

We are excited to introduce Christopher as the new Siem Reap Branch Manager at Confluences. Christopher, a charismatic dual citizen of France and the United Kingdom, is fluent in English and French. While his Spanish skills may be rusty after 12 years without practice, he can communicate verbally in Khmer.

Christopher embodies the values of family, network, and sports. He enjoys working independently while valuing teamwork. As the Siem Reap Branch Manager, he is thrilled to engage with diverse clients and facilitate successful market entry and establishment in Siem Reap.

With a Bachelor's degree in International Trade and a one-year marketing certification, Christopher is well-prepared to handle pressure, solve problems, and thrive in an intercultural team environment. He will provide strategic guidance and support to a diverse range of customers, fostering effective communication and collaboration between the company and local stakeholders.

Leveraging his extensive network and understanding of the local business landscape, Christopher will identify opportunities, forge partnerships, and establish vital connections for the companies he assists. His expertise in international trade, marketing,problem-solving, and intercultural proficiency will play a pivotal role in helping companies enter and thrive in the Siem Reap market. Christopher's dedication to customer satisfaction and passion for bridging cultural gaps will ensure comprehensive support throughout the establishment journey.

Outside of work, Christopher serves as a football coach for Siem Reap United and is the proud founder and coach of the Siem Reap Beach Handball Club. During his leisure time, he enjoys quality moments with loved ones, triumphing in matches, and unwinding with captivating series and music.


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