We welcome Belgian Dimitri as our Trading Manager, who will undoubtedly add to our growing language skills as he speaks English, French and Dutch, as well as a little German and Spanish!

Dimitri has two degrees, a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Master's in Economics and International Trade. The combination of these academic accolades and his personality means he is an adaptable and composed individual who can logically approach challenges and keeps an open mind while putting things into perspective.

These great qualities also mean there are other personal work-on areas, which he self-identifies as needing to be more expressive, and at times, less stubborn.

We are confident the team will help with those, and it will be his task of managing different projects and responsibilities that he is looking forward to the most at Confluences. He is a go-getter which means he can be result-orientated and is looking at the upside of the growth potential while tapping into our vast network.

It's not all work and no play though for this former women’s football coach, who now also enjoys collecting vinyl (the music, not the flooring, he says) and listens to a wide range of music. 

If you want to scratch his brain, ask him about The Wire (his favourite TV show), but he is also more recently a fan of Succession, Platonic, Telemarketers, and The Bear, while his top film pick of 2023 is…..Anatomy of a Fall!

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