Elisa Chene
Communication and Marketing Officer
+855(0) 095 320 367



Joining us for six months is another French colleague and linguist - Elisa Chene - who will be working as our Communication & Marketing officer 

As a student at La Sorbonne in France, she has learned to express and hone her personal skills of being open-minded, flexible, dynamic and sociable - all skills which will be put to great use at Confluences!

Elisa hopes to Improve her communication and marketing skills and is not daunted by the exciting and various projects - and is keen to learn from multiple partners and projects.

When not working, she loves a good read (Clair de femme by Romain Gary, and La Nuit des temps by René Barjavel are Elisa’s favourites) and she loves Japanese food (Yum!)

We think you'll fit right in!

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