Flavie Guinchard
Project Coordinator
+855 81 50 59 13



Flavie has joined as our young French Ventures Project Coordinator who is currently working her way through a Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering and Entrepreneurship (2025).

One of the reasons she is looking forward to spending time and learning with Confluences will be to get her hands on some large projects while also multi-tasking - something she enjoys as an adaptive and aspiring autonomous worker.

Flavie is looking forward to taking projects through their full lifecycle and gaining invaluable experience in Cambodia.

Outside of the office, she might be found on the sports fields playing rugby (the real ‘beautiful game’), but she also loves to travel. Maybe one of the reasons Interstellar is one of her favourite films, The Little Prince is her favourite read, and Bruno Mars is her favourite musician - she is destined for out-of-this-world things!

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