Jade Garcette
Junior Marketing & Communication Officer
+855 (0) 69321171



Jade, is the youngest and newest recruit to join our MarCom corner, as our Marketing and Communication Intern.

Ready to discover new markets, and involve herself with different sectors, she took forth the opportunity to come to Cambodia. Jade is attentive to detail, patient, and determined, as she have stated it is a true opportunity to be able to gain professional experience and precious knowledge that will aid her in her future career.

A little more about Jade, a lover of travels, she comes all the way from Lille, France, and being an adventurer at heart, she also did numerous exchange programs in Korea. This means that she can speak French, English, Korean and Spanish (intermediate)!

Her calm and friendly demeanor is shown through her hobbies. She enjoys reading romance books, listening to calm songs from the 2000/2010's, watching movies such as Spirited Away and her favorite dish is dakgalbi.

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