Monica Mech
Project Officer
+855 16 88 45 32



Monica is our Project Officer and she values that variety is the spice of life - and she does loves some spicy cuisine too -  so don’t dare her to a chilli-eating contest!

Speaking three languages (fluent in Khmer and English and a smattering of French), Monica is also a dual degree holder - with a Bachelor of Economics and Management, and a Bachelor of International Relations.

She has previously held the role of Vice President of Engage with AIESEC of AIESEC in IFL/Cambodia, so even though she claims to be a self-doubter, she is also an achiever!

In addition to wanting to explore and try new things (and places), Monica admits she loves some me-time - don't we all! 

Monica enjoys the diversity of our teams and is looking forward to upskilling her knowledge base and hoping to lure some of us into her favourite world of mystery, science fiction and Korean Drama.

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