Nuncio Costa
Junior Marketing & Communication Officer
+855 (0) 99 918 366



Nuncio joins us as a Marketing and Communications Intern, and is our first team member representing Timor-Leste!

On joining Confluences, he says he is looking forward to better understanding the intricacy of digitalisation in technology especially in marketing and international business.

His nationality also means our team will have the chance to learn new languages, as he is fluent in Tetum, Portuguese, Bahasa Indonesia, and Melayu, and he has intermediate Spanish language skills.

Nuncio is a determined, yet creative and attentive individual and he previously has gained some experience working as a remote Program Coordinator at Global Peace Alliance Cambodia.

Among his interests are freelance modelling, travel, and photography but if he had to pick his favourite film it would be LOL, while his favourite song is Self Control by Frank Ocean.

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