Panhaboth Kun
Junior Market Access Analyst
+855 (0)69 696 969



Kun Panhaboth joins us as a Market Analyst Intern and comes armed with a BSc in Philosophy, Politics and Economics and is also a dual-linguist who can converse in both Khmer and English.

As a young man starting his professional career, Panhaboth has been independent and lived outside of the country on his own since he was 14 years old. He is a detail-focused individual who is a logical thinker and loves to learn and upskill with a penchant for writing.

At Confluences, he is enjoying the diversity of experiences and the skillset required as well as our cosy offices.

Socially, he is a film buff who loves movies by Christopher Nolan but his most enjoyable film is Forrest Gump, and among his selection of relaxing music, Everglow by Coldplay is his favourite song.

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