Pichrotana Bunthan
Market Access Analyst
+855 89 502 345



Pichrotana (affectionately known as Ana by the team) is a proud overachiever, who was a Cum Lorde at the American University of Phnom Penh, which recognised her academic excellence with honours in the class of 2021.

Despite having some self-doubts and a tendency to overthink and analyse some aspects of work and life, Ana is an accomplished problem-solver and offers an open minded approach to all aspects of her social and professional life.

She seeks out adventures, new projects, and actually years for unexpected challenges, so even singing in public or among friends is not daunting for her! 

Ana is on a mission to meet more people and increase her self-confidence - you will find her at ease sipping on a much needed morning coffee, launching over her fave instant noodles, and catching up on the latest streaming films and series! 

When her adventure seeking sets in, she loves to “capture the moment and enjoy the experiences to the maximum!

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