Ponika Thai
Market Access Analyst
855 (0) 17 705 448



Ponika is a Market Access Analyst at Confluences who has amazing language skills - she already can speak Cambodian (native), English, and Chinese, and is learning to speak Vietnamese and French!

The dual degree holder (Bachelor of Business Administration and Management) has previously spent time overseas in France where she met many international students and was exposed to a lot of cultures. This has helped her have a passion for working in a diverse environment and we are proving a great fit!

In addition to meeting new people from different backgrounds, Ponika loves learning about the market as well as better understanding consumer behaviour.

Although she is admittedly an overthinker and says she can shy away from people, she does in fact love to interact and has a keen interest in sustainability and eco-friendliness.

When not testing her mental abilities, she likes to spend time with family, watching travel Vlogs, taking in some melancholic or slow music - and reading up on fun facts! So next time you see her, ask her for one!

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