We welcome Rachna as Confluences Finance Officer, and the Cambodian who hails from the south in Kampot, is excited about the opportunity with us to improve her self-confidence and build on her technical skills.

As a responsible and honest person, she is also a self-described comedian and loves a good joke.

Able to communicate in both Khmer and English and graduated with a Bachelor of Accounting, she hopes to remain flexible and is eager to learn in her role.

Some of the aspects she is most looking forward to in our multi-national and diverse business operations are working with financial tools and using her accounting and mathematical nuances to help the company be financially efficient. 

Work-life balance is important to each of us, and Rachna likes to keep healthy with regular exercise, a variety of music, reading (about finance and communicating with people) and cooking - especially Asian cuisine). Sounds like we need to have an intra-office cook-off soon!

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