Samkessara Thouch
Technical Supervisor
855 (0) 12 22 33 10



Confluence’s in-house Technical Supervisor hails from a family of 6 siblings in Phnom Penh and balances family life with professional work, where he is either in the office or on-site (he has a preference for the outdoors).

Samkessara is passionate about the technical aspects of his role and gets a buzz from researching, practising, the installation and maintenance, and creativity of the broad range of our tools and branded products.

When kicking back, he is a bookworm and reads a plethora of books on either the strategies for wealth and happiness or about construction technologies. He finds this self-education cathartic and invigorates his mental well being while also building a solid base for his future.

When not working he is seeking out peaceful and restful surroundings to unwind.

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