Simon Keo
Digital Strategy Specialist
+855 (0)99 669 607



Simon, our newest addition to the MarCom Team, comes aboard as a Digital Strategy Specialist, eager to support all departments within Confluences. With dual French and Cambodian citizenship, it's no surprise that he's proficient in four languages: French, English, Khmer, and Spanish !

Describing himself as reflective, Simon is both a forward-thinker and a team player. He's naturally inclined towards problem-solving and enjoys indulging in his nerdy side. He enjoys reading ("Think and Grow Rich"), watching movies (particularly "Matrix 1"), and listening to music (such as Queen's "Show Must Go On").  

In his free time, he delights in pursuing sports and outdoor activities, not only to stay fit but also to relax. Whether it is boxing, hiking or playing rugby, Simon enjoys keeping himself busy and immersed in his pursuits.  

Simon thrives on challenges and enjoys building and optimizing processes. He's also passionate about finding innovative ways to attract more customers, aligning perfectly with his role.

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