Sothy Kropum Propey
Marketing & Communication Officer
+855 (0) 12278574



Propey joins us as a Marketing and Communication Officer, and is excited to learn and grow with MarCom Team.

A multilinguist, she can speak and understand 3 languages, Khmer, English and French included. In the near future, she plans to broaden her knowledge in languages by adding German and Japanese into her skill sets.

A bookworm and a mother of three beautiful parrots, she spends her free time playing games on consoles, reading historical and mystery books, and watching movies animations from Studio Ghibli or any movie from Benedict Cumberbatch, her favorite actor.

Propey is a multi-tasker, and a creative soul, her hobbies include fashion, music and art. But nothing brings her more joy than having some peaceful naps to replenish her energy. An ambitious person at heart, she loves to learn new things and to pick up new interests whether in her personal or professional life, as she has a thirst for knowledge.

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