Sovann Bun
Sales Admin & Technical Engineer
+855 93 323 932



Bun Sovann is our Trading Department Sales & Technical Engineer and he hails from the Cambodian capital but is another trilingualist - Sovann is fluent in Khmer, English, and Russian!

His skillset is a wonderful addition to our team, as he holds a Bachelor's degree in Construction of unique buildings and structures from the Institute of Engineering and Technical at Saint Petersburg Russia.

Sovann is highly motivated with a keen eye for detail, and has eagerly joined us to gain more experience but also to help share his own knowledge with the team. He hopes to also better handle stressful situations and to not overthink solutions - we are confident our environment will build his confidence!

With his wide array of interests, which vary from sports (football, biking and volleyball) to technology and engineering (obviously) he also has a taste for manga and exploring the world, but when his taste buds get a craving, you’ll find him devouring sweet chilli!

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