Sreylin Chhoeun
Junior Finance Officer
+855 (0)93 604 758



Sreylin is our newest Finance Intern and joins Confluences from her riverside hometown of Kampot. She has been studying for a Bachelor of Accounting and Finance and we think her range of personal interests will allow her to easily gel with the rest of the team.

She has a keen interest in expanding her knowledge and with her love of music, manga, and Khmer food, Sreylin will have a lot of water cooler conversations with her new team at the office! PS - If you want to share ghost stories - she will tell you hers if you tell her yours.

With the ability to speak Khmer and English, she is looking to gain more finance knowledge and improve her communication skills, two abilities she will with no doubt improve upon in her time with us.

As an honest, open-minded but diplomatic person, we are confident that the work and team environment will help her to overcome her lack of self-confidence and indecisiveness which she identified as work-on areas.

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