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Ambiance Signature

Support in the operational goals of Ambiance Signature on the Cambodian Market





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Signature Asia is a ambient scenting, scent marketing, and order control specialist company which is based in Thailand, Cambodia and Laos since 2013. They use an advanced, patented fragrance delivery technology called Cold & Dry Nebulization. Their products can be used up to 10,000m3 which is suitable for lobbies, showrooms, ballrooms, fitness centers, shopping malls, and wedding hall.

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  • To assist this French-Thai to establish its subsidiary in Cambodia
  • To support the ownership to build a local team
  • To accompany them in the dentification of potential projects and clients
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  • Office solution
  • Operational support (Admin, HR)
  • Identify potential clients and technical partners

Serenade SAY

Managing Director
Ambiance Signature Asia


Ambiance Signature Asia has been partnering with Confluences for several years, and we have consistently experienced their exceptional and professional services. The inviting spaces, impeccable customer service, and dedication to fostering a sustainable community have greatly enhanced our productivity and operational efficiency. Without a doubt, Confluences is the perfect choice for any company in search of effective rental solutions.

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