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Immersive Angkor

Creation of the first 3D immersive museum project dedicated to the history of Khmer civilization.





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About the partners

Shares: Confluences 22,92%, Iconem 33.33%, Puy du Fou 33.33%, Business Angel 10,42%


  • Digitisation of endangered cultural heritage sites in 3D
  • HQ France
  • 20++ countries
  • 100 digital replicas of sites

Puy du fou Asia

  • A world leader in cultural-historical performances
  • Since 1978
  • HQ Hong Kong
  • Recognised as “Best Park in the World”
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The project

  • The first virtual museum dedicated to the Khmer heritage and the Angkorian monuments
  • To serve the mission of the Cambodian government to fight the slowing growth in tourist arrivals in the region and the site’s erosion
  • A combination of education and new technologies, 3D images and videos of the Angkor temples of the past projected onto the museum walls, surrounding the viewers in a 360 degrees rotation
  • Total surface area over 1000 s
  • Budget of $1 million USD
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