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Last2Ticket Asia

Implementation of a digital platform for event organisers to manage their events and sell tickets online.





Emilia Simões and Christophe Fredella, two of the Last2ticket Asia stakeholders at the official launch partyLink to linkedin profile

About the partners

Shares: Confluences 17%, Last2ticket 35%, Business Angels 20% / 20% / 8%


  • Event management and e-ticketing platform
  • HQ Portugal
  • Since 2011
  • 5 continents
  • +4K events done
  • +1.5M tickets sold
  • +3 Business angels
Emilia Simões, Founder of Last2ticker posing in front of Last2ticket Asia sign at Confluences officeLink to linkedin profile

The project

Implementation and development of the first e-ticketing solution in Cambodia.

Last2Ticket Asia emerged as a game-changer in the event management field. With a unique do it yourself event management software created to empower events growth and meet every organisers' specific needs.

The custom Last2Ticket event solutions:

  • Simplifies event registration processes and ensure a smooth event
  • Boost the reach and get a full house with event marketing tools
  • Increase performance - anywhere, anytime - with event analytics & management tools
  • Over 20,000 ticket sold in Cambodia
  • Over 400 events set up on the platform
  • Local payments available : ABA Pay, Payway and Pipay
Link to linkedin profile

Portrait image of Catarina Simões

Catarina Simões

CEO / Founder


Our adventure started with the aim to expand our company in the Asian market supported by Confluences. A feasibility study followed and our ASEAN team is still incubated at Confluences. We found them to be trustworthy partners, a consistency in processes, and we hope Confluences will stay by our side for upcoming projects.

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