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King's School

Installation of 1220 sqm of Gerflor flooring at King’s School




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The King's School, Vattanac Capital, is one of the first branded UK schools in Cambodia and offers a progressive and creative setting, curriculum development and quality education.

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1220 square meters of Gerflor flooring products include Rigid Lock 30 and Mipolam Ambiance Ultra to cover the classrooms and common areas.

Rigid Lock 30 comes in strip form and is quick and easy to install and can be placed over an existing floor, requiring no unique floor preparation and no glue. This flooring is composed of materials allowing it to withstand high daily traffic while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the range.

The Mipolam Ambiance Ultra is a high-performance flexible homogeneous multipurpose flooring that has a very high standard of resistance. Both products have excellent endurance, which is very suitable for a children's classroom and common areas while making it perfect for schools.

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