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Happy chandara

The first Gerflor Powergame installation for Happy Chandara School




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Located in the Prek Tmei Village, national road number 21B, Happy Chandara School was found by the French NGO Toutes à L'école. It has been hosting more than 1200 students and, as a pilot school, it offers the students an innovative curriculum that mixes the Cambodian official curriculum from the mistry of Education, Youth and Sports, with some addtional courses meant to broaden their outlook (French language, IT, traditional dance, personal development, opening to the world...)

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Powergame Blue and Green

Powergame Blue and green | 267.84sqm

PowerGame is modular tiles for an outdoor sport with a safe surface to play on. It is easily to be installed in all facilities. It is designed to provide the highest levels of safety and playability, not to mention, the durability that is UV protection as well as high stability with a stronger locking system and an optimized water drainage profiles.

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