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Installation of 234 sqm of office space at Zillion United





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Zillion United is a digital real estate marketplace where its company democratizes the real estate experience by making access to real estate opportunities. The company is known to be under Zillenium Group, or Z1 group which is a real estate conglomerate of more than 25 companies with the goals of creting a one-stop integrated solutions for real estate-related solutions.

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Gerfor - Scala 30 | 234sqm

SCALA™ 30 products are decorative, flexible, antistatic, abrasion group T floorcoverings, tiles and planks, with micro-beveled edges.They consist of a 0.3 mm thick transparent wear layer, a design film and a compact underlayer. It is compressed and grained at high pressure.Their overall thickness is 2mm. They are treated with PUR+ surface treatment providing good cleaning characteristics and resistance to scratching.SCALA™ 30 is 100% recyclable and 100% REACH compliant. The product emission rate of organic compounds is < 10ug/m3 (TVOC <28 days – ISO 16000-6).

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