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Ampov Distillery

Conducting market studies, facilitating company registration, and ensuring a successful entry and operation in the Cambodian market.





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Ampov Distillery is a premium craft rum distillery born of marriage between Cambodian terroir and French know-how, and all production is bottled at the distillery and aged in Cambodia. They produce the first premium rum with pure cane juice produced in Cambodia.

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- Conducted market and business case study to assess the viability and potential of the product in Cambodia.

- Assisted in supply study and provided ongoing support to optimize the sourcing and procurement of materials required for production.

- Provided comprehensive logistic support, including importing equipment, exporting final products, and managing local logistics to ensure a smooth supply chain for the company.

- Assisted with the company registration process, ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations, and facilitating a seamless entry into the new market.

- Utilized expertise in site identification and securization to help the company find suitable locations for their operations and ensure a secure environment for their production facilities.

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