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SECO Power

Established and launched SECO Power Asia in Cambodia, the group’s first step into SEA







Seco Power poster of Perkins engineLink to linkedin profile


Seco Power team visiting the future ISI factory.Link to linkedin profile


  • To assist a leading French industrial group seeking to set a footprint in South East Asia
  • To guide the management board in country strategic choices between Cambodia and Vietnam
  • To manage and monitor the launch and operations of the new subsidiary
Soreasmey Ke Bin and Seco Power team at Confluences posing in front of their new packaging boxes.Link to linkedin profile


  • Market Study
  • Go-to market strategy
  • Identify potential clients and technical partners
  • Admin support
  • Office solution
Portrait image of Stephane Gilli

Stephane Gilli

Managing Director
Seco Power Asia


I collaborated with Confluences during our establishment in Cambodia. Firstly, to aid us with our market research and to facilitate the discovery of this country and its economy. Thereafter we relied on Confluences to develop and to launch our activity in Cambodia. Today we are still happy residents of Confluences. Confluences is well equipped with a solid network in Cambodia and great experience. They will be able to advise and guide you in the best way possible to facilitate your establishment.

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