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Trove Tourism Development Advisors

Supported Trove in conducting comprehensive assessments, reviews, and data collection for tourism planning and development in the Cambodian context.





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Trove Tourism Development Advisors is a New York-based digital strategy and marketing agency for tourism development. They provide services to tourism authorities, boards, associations and tour companies to improve international visitor growth through innovation. The Trove team specialises in strategic planning, branding strategy, digital marketing, social and influencer media, visitor experience design and analytics and offer consulting services as well. Trove also comprises of an innovation team focusing on incubating and launching new tourism products in areas such as sentiment analysis, influencer media, analytics and tourism strategy.

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- Collect and review all existing and previous tourism planning related documents relevant to the project area

- Conduct a rapid review of best international practice regarding integrated quality management based urban tourism destination planning and develop a methodology appropriate to the Cambodian context

- Create a local stakeholder tourism steering group involving over 60 public, private and community

- Conduct a place audit/inventory/situation diagnostic of the project area, including asset mapping assess the current situation regarding tourism development and its potential

- Assessment of heritage importance of local architectural assets,

- Collection of data related to existing tourism flows and with regard to socio economic activity in the project area.

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Danny Cohanpour

Trove Tourism Development Advisors


We worked with Confluences on a one-year project on Cambodian tourism development, and I did enjoy the professionalism yet flexibility of their team. They are great connectors and have a great knowledge of Cambodia and its stakeholders - public and private alike. I do hope to work again with them and recommend them without any doubt.

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