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French Development Agency

Assisting AFD in conducting stakeholder consultation meetings, mapping investments, and evaluating opportunities in the kingdom.






Conducting stakeholder consultation meetings, mapping investments, and identifying opportunities in Cambodia.Link to linkedin profile


The French Development Agency (AFD) is a public financial institution that implements the policy defined by the French Government. It works to fight poverty and promote sustainable development. AFD is committed to financing and supporting projects that improve living conditions for populations, promote economic growth and protect the planet. AFD has been working in Cambodia since 1973. It has funded projects in a variety of sectors, including education, health, water and sanitation, energy, transport, and governance. AFD's work in Cambodia has had a significant impact on the lives of millions of people. It has helped to improve access to education, health care, water and sanitation, energy, and transportation. It has also helped to strengthen governance and reduce poverty. AFD is committed to continuing its work in Cambodia to help the country achieve its development goals. It is also committed to working with other development partners to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

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AFD Mission:

- Operational support for prospection in the digital sector of Cambodia including the Analysis of the governance of digital sector and projects mapping, Identification and evaluation of opportunities.

Tasks includes:

- Conducting stakeholder consultation meetings, compilation and presentation of findings to the client

- Mapping of existing and planned investments in the sector by stakeholders under scope; minutes of stakeholder consultation meetings,

- Identifying and evaluating opportunities‍

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