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Assisted in prospecting, arranging B2B meetings, and coordinating events to showcase Wegrow's expertise in the Cambodian market.






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Wegrow is a digital platform that aims to transform the way companies approach sharing and scaling best practices in marketing, sales, supply chain and HR. The main goal of this optimisation would be to drive efficiency, ROI and margin growth. Through the approach of making the process engaging and even fun, Wegrow hopes to motivate users to contribute their insights, hence helping businesses unlock full potential and drive lasting success.

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- Conducted prospecting activities to identify potential business opportunities and key stakeholders relevant to the company’s agenda.

- Arranged and facilitated B2B meetings between WeGrow and targeted individuals, including those they have previously met as well as new prospects.

- Supported WeGrow in their presentation session, assisting with the necessary arrangements and ensuring a seamless delivery of their message.

- Facilitated and coordinated in multiple WeGrow events to help showcase their expertise in Cambodian market.

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Jean-Louis Cadart

Head of Asia


As Wegrow was looking to develop in Cambodia we turned towards Confluences and Soreasmey’s talented team. In just a few weeks they had organised 10 meetings with very high value prospects.Moreover we had the opportunity to use their visibility and notoriety to be able to attend and showcase Wegrow in some the biggest National tech events such as: Cambodia Tech Expo. Confluences has been of very precious help throughout the entire sales process. I really look forward to keep on working with Soreasmey and his team to keep expanding Wegrow in Cambodia.

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